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Date: 2013-06-26  Submitted 2012-06-26

Reference number: OPUSeJ 201206262221RAG

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Title:  Raphael’s Gioconda

Author: Pezzutto, Donato

Abstract:  The Mona Lisa, or La Gioconda, of Leonardo, seems to be the inspiration for two paintings attributed to Raphael. The two paintings, Isabella of Aragon and Portrait of Doña Isabel de Requesens, share similarities to each other. These strong similarities make the works practically interchangeable; they are referred to as Raphael’s Giocondae. Connections between Raphael’s Giocondae and Leonardo’s Gioconda are considered.

Author bio:  Dr Donato Pezzutto MD is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, Faculty of Medicine, (Western University, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry) and practices family medicine in London, Ontario. His amateur pursuits include art history and philosophy with an abiding interest in Leonardo and vintage maps. He is the editor of OPUSeJ.

Sponsor editor:  Madeline Lennon, Professor Emerita, Visual Arts, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada.

Affiliations/disclaimers/funding/acknowledgements: This article was based on research that was self-funded. There are no disclaimers to mention.  Special thanks to Prof Madeline Lennon, Prof Phil Stooke, Mr Derek Bair for their intellectual and moral support, to the reviewers for their constructive criticism, to Olimpia Marini Clarellito of the Doria Paphilj Museum, to my children Antonio and Cristina Pezzutto for help with translations and technical matters and to my own Mona Lisa and muse, my wife, Lucia Pezzutto.

Keywords:  Raphael Sanzio, Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa/La Gioconda, Isabelle of Aragon, Portrait of Doña Isabel de Requesens, stereoscopy, Val di Chiana, visual pun

Subject:  Visual Arts / Leonardo

Language: English

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Citation: Pezzutto, Donato, 2013, “Raphael’s Gioconda”, OPUSeJ 201206262221RAG 2013-06-26,1-22.http://www.opusej.org/raphaels-gioconda-cover/

References: see Forum http://www.opusej.org/library/raphaels-gioconda-forum/

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