Precisely locating the Ordovician equator in Laurentia – Forum

Date: 2013-01-16

Reference number: OPUSeJ 201301162219POE



Title: Precisely locating the Ordovician equator in Laurentia

Authors: Jisuo Jin, David A.T. Harper, Robin M. Cocks, Phil J.A. McCausland, Christian M.Ø. Rasmussen and Peter M. Sheehan

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Citation: Jisuo Jin, J et al, 2012, “Precisely locating the Ordovician equator in Laurentia”, Geology online November 6, 2012, doi: 10.1130/G33688.1.

Academic citations forward: chronological TBA

Other citations forward:

1) “USA’s ancient hurricane belt and the US-Canada equator”, Phys.Org, 2012-11-15,

2) “Evidence from sedimentary beds in North America and Greenland (combined with paleomagnetic traces in rock) have located the position of the North American craton (Laurentia) relative to the equator during the Ordovician Period — a map for people who are interested in plate tectonics”, BrainiYak, 2013-01-16,

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