Leonardo’s Val di Chiana Map in the Mona Lisa – Cover

Date: 2112-06-26

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Title: Leonardo’s Val di Chiana map in the Mona Lisa

Original/ Pre-review title: Leonardo da Vinci incorporated his Val di Chiana map in his Mona Lisa painting 

Author: Pezzutto, Donato

Abstract: Leonardo arranged the landscape in the Mona Lisa to hold two disjoined halves of one image. That image can be reassembled by juxtaposing two copies of the painting side-by-side. The newly reconstituted landscape corresponds to an actual place as depicted in Leonardo’s Val di Chiana map. The identity of the sitter and opinions relevant to the background landscape will be considered.  Leonardo’s developments in the depiction of depth will be outlined. His technique of topographic perspective will be introduced.  Analysis of these observations, along with Leonardo’s investigations in perception, perspective, monocular and binocular vision, and cartography, will lead to understanding of his technique. Speculation as to Leonardo’s motivation will include a pun on La Gioconda and his attempt at stereoscopy.

Moderator: Donato Pezzutto

Author bio: Dr Donato Pezzutto MD is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, Faculty of Medicine, (Western University, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry) and practices family medicine in London, Ontario. His amateur pursuits include art history and philosophy with an abiding interest in Leonardo and vintage maps.

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Affiliations/disclaimers/funding/acknowledgements: The author is the editor of OPUSeJ. There are no other disclaimers to mention. This article was based on research that was self-funded. Special thanks to Prof Madeline Lennon, Prof Phil Stooke, Prof David Waters and Mr Derek Bair for their intellectual and moral support, to my children Antonio and Cristina Pezzutto for help with translations and technical matters and to my own Mona Lisa and muse, my wife, Lucia Pezzutto.

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Subject: Visual Arts / Leonardo and Geography/cartography.

Language: English.

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Citation: Pezzutto, Donato, 2011, “Leonardo’s Val di Chiana Map in the Mona Lisa”, Cartographica 46:3, 149-59. http://digital.utpjournals.com/issue/43517/6#.

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