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OPUSeJ Reader Guidelines

OPUSeJ is an open-access site that anyone with internet access can view. Readers with questions or suggestions are invited to e-mailing us at Those wishing to add content to the open-review process or to a Forum article would do so by sending an e-mail to as described under Forms/Guidelines > Comment Form at  Posted material at these sites would be by open identity; name, position and location would be shown. These sites would be moderated; inappropriate material would not be allowed. Appropriate material would be the identification of errors, bias or omissions along with comments on the content of the article. All criticism is positive if it is constructive. We invite criticism of nomenclature used, any hypothesis, observation or approach proposed, the validity of method used, the interpretations of data, the arguments followed in the discussion, the logic used in forming conclusions, direction suggested for further research, the appropriateness of illustrations and adherence to style guides. Any links included in posts should be strictly to scholarly or other reliable sites. Any communication of a personal nature should be posted elsewhere.

OPUSeJ adheres to the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike licence. Unless otherwise indicated, all works found in OPUSeJ may be shared for non-commercial use, provided that the work is properly attributed to the author(s) and OPUSeJ, and that any derivative works may likewise be shared only under the same or similar license to this one. To read the licence, see



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