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OPUSeJ Author Form:       (use as a template to email your manuscript submission)

Date:          (YYYY-MM-DD)

OPUSeJ reference number:             (if known)

Title of submission:           (as it appears in manuscript)

Name of author(s):            (no titles or degrees, name as it would appear in publication, indicate designated contact or moderator for any communications)

Abstract:            (as it appears in the article)

Author bio:            (brief and relevant to the article, may include titles and degrees, positions held)

Sponsor editor:          (name, position held and e-mail* or other contact information*)

Bibliography:             (alphabetical list, by author surname, of the sources used in the article, without extraneous material, and with web addresses of online sources when available)

Citations:        (chronological list of academic citations forward, include this article as the first citation, with web addresses of online sources when available)

Affiliations/ disclaimers/ funding/ acknowledgements:            (briefly describe the affiliations relevant to this article for each author, claim any factors that may bear on the author’s perspective, include funding sources for the research, thank appropriate parties)

Keywords:            (a list of keywords or phrases separated by semicolons, try to keep less than 12)

Subject:            (include general and specific, may have more than one field eg. Psychology, perception, Optics, illusions)

Language:            (specify the language used in the article, in English and in that language, eg: French/ français, all non-English language articles must have an abstract in English and in the language used; for English-only articles, a second language abstract is recommended)

Review process route:           (request the traditional blinded-review process in which the manuscript is sent to referees or the open-review process in which the manuscript is posted as a discussion paper for review by readers)

Contact info:

e-mail address*

mailing address*

telephone number*

fax number*

Note to editor*:            (brief explanation of the article, its presentation or structure useful to editors)

* These will not be published.

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