Zi Xiu Tang

One of the biggest misconceptions is that fat is kept on the body due to the fact that you eat too much. In actuality, fat is formed due to the body taking in acidic food. The more acid your body produces, the more fat your body will need. Why? The body wraps the acid in the fat, and stores it into the body’s fat pockets, protecting the body from the harmful effects of the acid. Fat is created for survival. Yet, the body will have much fat accumulation once it reaches a certain PH level.
To make the body different, this product aims at tuning the PH of the body. The body will stop fat absorption and then turn to fat burning. The increased fat burning rate will also increase the metabolic levels of the body, making the metabolism faster. You will be able to feel the changes in your body after you take the first several pills. Take two pills in the morning with water and feel the fat burning in your body.
We have improved the ingredients of Zi Xiu Tang. Our Zi Xiu Tang Pollen Capsule are in accord with FDA which regulated: DO NOT contain any harmful ingredients such as Sibutramine, Rimonabant, Phenytoin and Phenolphthalein.

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