Latest Additions:

2013-06-26 Feature article, “Raphael’s Gioconda” under Digests Humanities > Visual Art Digest > Feature Articles

2013-01-28 Watch for our cover pages and forum pages to become open to public editing. You, the public, will be able to help build OPUSeJ by adding citations forward and including links to reference sources when they become open-access.

A number of articles published elsewhere have joined the Medicine, Science and Education  Forums.

2012-10-24 The first Feature article, “Leonardo’s Landscapes as Maps” under Digests:Humanities > Visual Art Digest > Feature Articles.

2012-10-21 The first Discussion paper, “Fat City: Siting Bologna in the Region of Complexity and the Beginning of Baroque” under Digests:Humanities  > Visual Arts Digest > Discussion Papers.

2012-07-24 The Reading Lists of Medicine Digest and Science Digest available.

2012-7-16 The first Forum paper, “Leonardo’s Val di Chiana map in the Mona Lisa” under Digests: Humanities > Visual Art Digest > Forum.


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